Sunday, August 26, 2007

Retreat is over and now we sleep...

For 48 hours we laughed, sewed, cut, laughed more, ripped, giggled, sewed more, ripped more, laughed more...well you get the idea.
I got home around 1pm and immediately showered and napped until 4pm, when I got an invitation from the sweet man I married 26 years ago to go to dinner to a favorite place. He invited me to a very nice restaurant, but I wanted to just eat and go so we will save that restaurant for another time. It was far more expensive and I didn't feel I could appreciate it in the tired state I was in.

The above picture is one my friend Lynn made with her Uncle's ties. I think it is beautiful.

I, on the other hand, decided very quickly that silk was NOT my friend and promptly gave all of my ties to her and another friend across the table from us. I used some homespun plaids and stripes to make a block. Then I dug into my bag of tricks and pulled out a set of hand dyed fabrics that I sell . Man, what a good idea! It is turning out really pretty. I am always looking for samples for my booth at shows and I think this will be good. I like to show how to use hand dyed fabrics in traditional designs.
What do you think?
I will post more later I think I will return to my wonderful bed.


Beth said...

Well hello missdiane! hehehehe

I didn't realize this was your blog ;)

DrBeth-MD here, we met many years ago at a retreat in Lancaster PA LOL

I just love love love your hand dyed fabrics!!!

Great job on the weekend project as well

Diane said...

Yes I remember you. I have been reading your blog for a while and enjoy it. Thanks for the compliments. I do love what I do.

Jeanne said...

Your hand dyed fabric is simply gorgeous! Your quilt will be fantastic.

Ming said...

WOW! stunningly beautiful!

Linda said...

Diane, your clamshell looks beautiful in the picture. It looks real shimmery!!! Of course it looks terrific in person too.