Thursday, December 11, 2008


I got a new computer!

I have been using a laptop that was my oldest son's when he was in college. It is eight years old and has been through three teenagers and me, so you can guess it is not in the best shape. It has a trojan virus on it that we have tried to remove but it is stubborn.

My husband was going to surprise me with this for Christmas but during a stressful day he accidentally let it slip. It arrived today and he brought it home at lunch. I am so excited.

The picture above is not exactly mine, it is similar though. Mine is an XPS 1530 and it is PINK! That is as much as I know. I am so not a computer geek. If it runs and the keyboard has all it's keys (mine didn't) I am pleased. LOL
After I get through setting up the computer and putting the retreat pictures on here I will post about the retreat and all the fun we had.

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Paula said...

What a sweet man!!! Love him....but I have for years!!!! Even if he used to run me out of his room....LOL Congrats!!!