Monday, December 15, 2008

Stash thoughts...

(These are all old pictures from previous posts)
I have been thinking a lot lately about Judy's post about stash busting in 2009. I have stated here before (multiple times how I have a huge stash and was embarrassed by my gluttony. I love almost every piece in my stash, especially now that I culled it so much before the move and some since the move.

I have been thinking about what I really want to do with my fabric. Do I want to keep it and pet it and refold it occasionally? Do I want to use it up so I can buy more? Do I want to reduce my stash just for the sake of reducing it? To all of the questions above I think the answer is no.

I think what I really want to do this year is work on UFOs, use some of the patterns I have loved but never even opened, and actually quilt a few of the tops I have setting in a pile. If you know me or have read much of my blog you know my mantra is "when it's a top it's finished". I want to have a quilt, a nice quilt for each of my children.

During the culling of my quilt room I have started asking myself "Am I really going to use this?" I have been being brutally honest and have been able to relieve myself of quite a bit. I need to do the same with my patterns and books. I do have a huge amount, but with having a business until last Spring I have many patterns that I carried in my store, but that I have no desire to make, or I have multiple copies of books and patterns that I love but only need one copy. I think after the new year I will be putting some for sale.

ScrappyQuilter when she said she wouldn't print another pattern off the Internet until she used at least two from her binders. I AGREE!! I have multiple binders of patterns I have printed and pictures of quilts or color combinations I like. I need to use these! It is such a great resource that I have not used to the fullest.

I have thread, quite a bit of thread. Again, I had it in my business so I have a very large drawer full of applique, piecing, embroidery, and some quilting. With me being a top maker most of it just sits there looking pretty. I need to use it or sell it. I haven't even brought up the hand dyed fabric I have! LOL I have TONS of that. A conservative estimate would be 200 yards. YIKES!

Ok, enough thinking and typing, I need to get to sewing!


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