Sunday, July 5, 2009

Blog surfing and audio books

I love reading blogs. I love seeing and reading about what others are doing in their life.
I thought I would share.

Karen is having a giveaway, how fun!

I love seeing what Vicki is up to, she does so many interesting things! Makes soap and lotions, dyes fabric, cross stitch, longarm quilting, postcards...

Judy L. makes me laugh

Wanda is always so inspiring

So far this summer I have listened to:
Tumbling Blocks by Earlene Fowler
Cat's Eyewitness by Rita Mae Brown
The Purrfect Murder by Rita Mae Brown
The Collectors by Davis Baldacci
The Cat who sang for the Birds by Lillian Jackson Braun
A light in the Window by Jan Karon
Puddin'head Wilson by Mark Twain (what I am listening to now)

This is just the audio books, I have read a couple of Baldacci books also. I love to read. When the kids were young I hardly ever got to read so now I am making up for lost time. I prefer audio books so I can listen while I clean or sew or cook or whatever I have to do. We love to listen while we drive long distances. It sure makes boring drives more enjoyable.

As you can see I like mysteries, but I also like historical and southern fiction and non fiction history.

After reading about and talking with Judy L about her Kindle I was seriously thinking about buying one but I am leaning more to buying better earphones and subscribing to an audio books subscription service. I think that would suite me better.

Do you read or listen much? What type of books do you like?
Let me hear from you.



Vicki W said...

I am completely addicted to audiobooks. I started listeneing to them about 1986 when I was commuting between DC and Virginia Beach. I recently read The Collectors and enjoyed it. I love biographies and 2 of my favorites are Emily Post and The House of Mondavi. But I like ltos of other books as well: Memoirs of Cleopatra, The Namesake, anything by Kyle Mills, Philip Margolin or classics by Anthony Trollope. I've also really enjoyed Carl Hiaason (but the get formulaic after a few) and Christopher Moore. Right now I am reading American Promethius about Robert Oppenheimer. It's a good bio but I really dislike Oppenheimer. Not because he led the deelopment of the bomb, but because he was a jerk.

Can you tell that I love audiobooks? LOL!

Thanks for the mention! I really appreciate it!

ForestJane said...

I read everything, but don't listen to many audiobooks. I see many of the same authors I like in your list there... we have the same tastes. ;)

This week, I just finished Jeffrey Deaver's Roadside Crosses.