Thursday, July 30, 2009

Weeks of frustration!

I have not blogged due to having so much going on.

I have quilted some. Yes actually quilted! I know all of my friends will scoff at that since I am notoriously a "topper", but I actually made a top and quilted and bound it last week! WOO HOO!

My mother in law has been here for several weeks and we have had so much fun laughing and talking. We get so silly when we are together. Lots of fun!

*******BEWARE, I AM ABOUT TO RANT**********

I have had a broken stove for just shy of 8 weeks. I have had to deal with our home leasing company, a not so smart furniture/appliance store "repair" person, and SEARS. I am here to tell you and vow...I will NEVER own a SEARS product! EVER! I will, Lord willing, never deal with SEARS again once we get all of this repaired.
It has been about 11 years since I have had to deal with SEARS repair center and vowed then I would never again own an appliance bought from them. I kept my word and never bought from them again, but this lease house is full of them. UGH!
They are not repairmen, they are parts changers. They can't trouble shoot, they don't keep appointments, they lie and are RUDE!
I called my leasing company today and told them I wanted a stove today. I was tired of being patient and nice. The time for nice is OVER!
I am pretty sure I won't have a stove but it made me feel better being firm instead of polite and understanding.

On to the next rant!
I have been looking for a house since May. I think I have the laziest realtor. She has decided she needs to take classes and have summer fun days with her child. Not too much of a problem, but when she wants to only communicate via email, not actually do any of the looking for homes, not reply to emails for over a week, not do research on the homes she didn't find (I found the homes on the Internet listings and sent them to her to research if they are short sales), I start having problems.
I emailed this morning since it has been two weeks since we looked at homes and my lease is up on this house October 1st. I asked her why she hasn't replied. Her reply was, "I sent you and email, didn't you get it?" Excuse me? What happened to conducting business by phone? That way there is not "Not getting" emails. There is no excuse! I am sick of this!
I am the easiest person in the world to get along with until you take advantage of me then I am not a nice person. I have decided today I will call a new realtor. I will tell them I have one month to find a home. If they are hungry they will get busy.

Too much frustration!!!


P.S. Pictures coming soon


Becky said...

You should be able to get a realtor pretty quick by saying you have one month to get a house. You definitely need a new realtor. I can't believe that. I work harder than that and I only take photos for a small handful of realtors. And the ones I work for would not pull something like that. They are the older generation of realtors though and still believe in customer service first.

Judi said...

With all the houses on the market these days you should of been able to find one by now. I'm sorry you are having so many problems with both the realtor and everyone that has anything to do with the stove. That also should of been fixed a LONG time ago. At least you are having a great time with your mil.