Thursday, March 11, 2010

I feel the need...the need for sewing

After being away from the sewing machine for a whole week and am SO ready to be back in my sewing room.
Ray and I took a trip to Houston. He went to meetings and classes and I went to my friend's house. I don't know about Ray but I had a great time!
Linda and I went junk shop hopping, antique looking and to Kohls where I found a great leather purse on clearance from $80 for only $16. Woo Hoo! Not only that but it is big enough for everything I need but not big enough to carry all the guy's junk!!
I got to see two of the cutest boys in the world. Linda and two grandsons that are too too cute, and smart!

Tomorrow I will be home and I am ready.

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Laura said...

What a great deal on the purse! Don't you just love Kohl's?