Friday, March 5, 2010

I'm at a loss

I have the top finished. I have the rockets ships quilted.

I wasn't sure about how I wanted them quilted, but after a whole day of looking and trying and thinking and almost tears I decided to just jump in and do a wavy line.
But now I am stumped on the stars. I have tried machine quilting the stars with glow in the dark thread...

It showed all of my bad skills. Can you imaging your bad skills not only showing off but also GLOWING?

I tried hand quilting around the star with glow in the dark thread. I'm still not sold.
What should I do??? I need input! HELP!
By the way, I tried stitching around the starts with a embroidery stitch on my machine but for some reason the machine didn't like it. I kept getting skipped stitches. I figured it wasn't meant to be.


Vicki W said...

How about plain SID around the stars and then stitch stars all over the quilt in the GITD thread. Or maybe use the GITD thread to stitch radiating lines front he center of each star out to the edges.

Judi said...

I agree stitch in the ditch even if you put the walking foot on your machine and just stitch on the lines. Also the idea of the radiating stars is a good one you can also use your walking foot to do that instead of freehand.