Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Oh how fun!

After reading my blogs the other day I went over to Pat Sloan's blog and discovered that she would have Carrie Nelson be her person of the hour. I really like both of these ladies but have a hard time with remembering things other than eating and sleeping.

Anyway today I figured out you can download the shows into iTunes!!! How cool is that? Now I will have something interesting to listen to on the drive to Houston besides Harry Potter and political talk radio. I like Harry Potter as much and the next HP fan, and more than the average person, but my husband's favorite is the 7th book. We have listened to the first 3/4 of the book on the last two trips. I really am not looking forward to it again.

Anyway to make as long story longer...I have downloaded the radio program (after listening to most of Carrie's) and have them ready for the trip. Yippee. This is promising to turn into a really cool thing. Pat Sloan is one of those fun quilters and it shows in her interviews. She wants to know all the stuff we want to know.
On to other things...I got the rocket ship top sandwiched and mostly quilted yesterday, but I'm at a standstill now. I quilted in the ditch with Bottom Line dark thread so you can't see if I made horrible mistakes, but now it just looks flat. I wanted to do some glow in the dark thread around the stars but the thread is really thick so it stands out against the dark background and not in a good way. My husband said to stitch in the ditch around the stars also and leave off the glowing thread. He also said it didn't look like a baby quilt either so I am not inclined to listen to him at this moment! LOL Usually he is right though. ( I just scored points!!) LOL
Once again the Dell guy has to work on the computer so I need to hurry with this.

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