Monday, August 9, 2010

Home sweet home, foo foo hotels and shopping, lots of shopping!

Boy I sure miss home when I am away for while. I have been away but didn't mention here since Ray asked me not to. I always thought he was Mr. Overboard when it came to safety. I mean what are the chances someone I know would read my blog or Facebook page and see I was gone and break into my house. Well apparently Mr. Overboard was correct. I was ready to laugh at him and call him crazy until the day before we left to come home. We saw on the news where a lady posted she was going on a date and about 45 minutes after she posted, one of her "friends" on Facebook broke into her house. So now I will never get to post before a trip about being gone. Oh well one more thing to adjust to.


I went with Ray back to Utah. He had meetings in Park City and they booked us at the Waldorf Astoria. Now I am just a country girl at heart and try really hard to never "get above my raising" as my grandma would say. This place was FOO FOO! We couldn't even park our own car. We did manage to bring our own luggage up but only after Ray refused twice to let anyone help us. I am sure we looked like the Clampett's invading Beverly Hills to everyone there. I was in my denim capri pants, t-shirt and flip flops and everyone there was dressed well with lots of jewelry. Me? I don't wear jewelry. I just never really liked wearing it as a teen and when we dated and married and Ray bought it for me I never remembered to wear it so he stopped buying it. (differently subject...back to foo foo)
We arrived at the front desk and there was a message waiting for me. Me? No one even knows I am gonna be there, why me? Well apparently the company my husband works for gave all of the wives in attendance a gift card to the Golden Door Spa there at the hotel. How cool is that? I could choose from a couple of things and I chose a manicure/pedicure. I have never had a pedicure and only had my nails done a couple of times. Let me tell you I learned a manicure is WAY different than just getting your nails done. The gift card was for $150 and I thought that was extravagant (and it was) then I looked at the prices and discovered the only thing I could chose from and not have to pay over and above the gift card was a 30 minute massage or a manicure/pedicure. Can you believe that? I was shocked! I am not one to undress in front of anyone so I chose the mani/pedi and still had to pay them $4 on my credit card...they don't take cash. Can you believe it? And to top it off the manicure lasted one week! My toes still look good, but my nails are back to their normal state of horrid.

I did a little shopping too. Well more than a little. who knew there were so many quilt shops in the Salt Lake City area?  Park City is just over the mountain from SLC so I managed to get to seven quilt shops. They were all so close together it was usually less than fifteen minutes to the next shop. How cool is that?

Some of this will be gifts (the ones you see duplicates) See that pattern? How cute are those turtles? I want to make one of those for Linus. The bag in the back was from Whimsy Cottage in Salt Lake City. They have a very large selection of Kaffe Fassett fabrics. Wouldn't you know when I worked at the quilt shop in Mobile and Candy stocked tons of Kaffe fabrics and I could get them at a discount I hated them. Now I have decided I think I like them and want to try using them. 

I'm not sure if I mentioned seeing my friend Linda G.'s hexagon top she was working on when I was in Mobile. Well she got me wanting to make one so I printed off some hexagons and got busy going through my scrap bins (many many bins).  Before we left for Utah I pressed the freezer paper templates to the scraps and put them in a bag to work on during the trip.
Here are the results. Linda never told me how addictive they were. It was like eating Lay's Potato Chips I couldn't stop. I had them all basted the second night. I didn't start putting them together until we left for the second half of the trip  and it was too bumpy of a road to make my stitches not show so I put them away. I will get back to them! I have will be going to see my parents in a couple of weeks and I will need something to do while they sit and watch TV.

I did a lot of hand work while on this trip. I have been working on some Christmas ornaments and having lots of fun. These are from Chickadee Hollow Designs and I LOVE them. I want to make all of them! I know I won't, but I would love to decorate my tree with these.

Ok, this post is getting long and probably boring so I will go and try to find something to start for dinner...vacation is really over.



Linda G said...

Sounds like a great trip and your acquisitions are terrific. And, I am so proud of you for all of the hexagons you made....and yes, it is REALLY addictive.

Jenni said...

We stayed at the Waldorf Astoria for our honeymoon just after it opened(my husband works for hilton, so we had a super duper rate) and it was definitely the fanciest hotel we've ever stayed at. Gorgeous rooms, and Park City was so pretty. Wish I had started quilting then so I could visit all their shops!