Tuesday, August 31, 2010

I'm back!

I am so happy to be home! I thought I would never get off that horrid freeway. Four days of driving on I-10 and three of those days had complete shut downs where all traffic had to be re-routed.  UGH! Yesterday fortunately was clear sailing so no detours. YEAH.
Two weeks away from home and my husband makes me grumpy, so I decided, spur of the moment to come home a day early. I sort of felt bad since it was the day I was suppose to see my sister in law and her husband and daughter but she of all people understood. When family wears you down and you need your husband's strength you go home.

The retreat was great fun. I met two new ladies (Karen and Kim) who had as much fun as the rest of us and joined the guild so they could have fun with us again. :)
I worked on my Trail Mix quilt and got the top all together and then started the border 4patches. So far I am pretty pleased with how the top is coming out.
Pictures when Blogger behaves and lets me load them!
After the retreat ended I spent the night with my friend Nancy L and had a very nice visit. She is having a hip replacement in two weeks and just couldn't make the retreat this year.
Monday morning I headed to Houston to start the work of cleaning out and up of my parents home. My oldest sister, mother and I cleaned out closets, cabinets, dressers, window seat, and sewing room. Some of the places we cleaned had not seen the light of day in 25 years so you can imagine what we found when we opened them up. YUCK.

I brought home some goodies Moma has been wanting me to take. I got the first sewing machine I ever sewed on, a Singer 500 Slant-O-Matic (also known as a Rocketeer). I love this machine.
Pictures when Blogger lets me.
I also brought home Grandma's serger. I have never used a serger but will be happy to give it a try.
Mom sent some fabric and a block of the month she started in 2000. She has had issues with her eyes since a short time after that so she never got very far. I hope I can jump on it and get it made for her. It is a snowman quilt and she loves anything Christmasy.

I guess that is enough for now I have to go check the feedsacks I have soaking and the fabric I have in the washer.
It is so good to be home.


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Anonymous said...

Know what you mean. While I love my daughter and son-in-law and am definitely a doting grandmother to my granddaughter, I will be glad to be home at the end of the month. After two months....
Linda G