Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Mighty Bright

I picked this up while on vacation and I LOVE it! It is very light weight. It has a pretty secure grip on what ever you clip it to and it has a great two level light, and it came with an AC power cord so I don't have to carry batteries all of the time. ( I have an inverter for my truck so I can plug it in.)

I am suppose to be getting ready for my retreat that is coming up but as you see I am playing on the computer. I need to do laundry since we just got back from two weeks away, but I am out of laundry detergent and it is raining and I don't want to get out in the mess. I should be in the kitchen cleaning it up, but it is just too gross so I am putting it off. Maybe Joseph will jump in there and do some...yeah right!
I left a mess of shoes in my closet yesterday that I was trying to go through but got distracted...don't really want to do that. Maybe I will just leaf through some quilt magazines while laying on the couch, yep that sounds like a plan.


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