Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Back home

First Landing Cross at Fort Story
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We got home last night from a wonderful week long visit with dear friends. In about three weeks their lives will change drastically and we wanted to have a chance to see them before that happens. Mid June, on their 25th anniversary and their daughters 18th birthday, the father will be deployed to Afghanistan.
We had a wonderful visit. We had the chance to do lots of sightseeing. We cooked out, played games and watched the youngest son's baseball game. The visit was too short.

Today while the washing machine and dryer were chugging along, I ran out to the quilt shop to buy some Poke A Dots by Jillily Studio Quilting.
  I have tried for years to wear a thimble but I am just not able. I have tried everything to keep from putting a hole in my finger from the eye of the needle when I applique. Well, to tell the truth, I need help every time I use a needle. I have the ability to run a hole in my finger in just a few short minutes. I'm sure it's a talent.
I hope these work, I'll let you know.

While I was away a dear blogger, Jo from Jo's Country Junction did me a great favor. She cut me a large stack of small thimble (tumbler) patches with her Go! cutter. I planned on them being my leader ender project but I'm not sure I can hold back.

The dryer buzzed!

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Paula said...

Love those tumblers!!! What a great exchange!