Wednesday, June 15, 2011

It's official

I'm nuts!
No really, I'm positive I'm nuts!


Some friend's are moving to Texas next week and I wanted to make them a house warming gift. She likes antiques and stuff so I thought I would make her a small quilt to put on her grandmothers treadle machine. I started out making thimble patches or at least I thought they were thimbles and was quite happy. Then for some strange reason my mind said, "that is too big for a thimble, that would be a thimble for a giant".
 I should have told myself to shut up and run screaming from the room, but NOOOOO!
 I kept that thought.
 Do you see how small these are?
If I did the math correctly the patches on the right, all sewn up will be about 9" X 12" (144 patches!). Do you see the stacks on the left?
Call the men in the white jackets!
I'll be in the sewing room mumbling to myself.



My Life In Quilts said...

Step away from the fabric and put down your rotary cutter before you go any further. We'll try and talk you down, don't worry!

Paula said...

Get up, go to the kitchen, pour a glass of Coke and breathe......think it through. If you still think it's a great idea. GO FOR IT!!!! It will be amazing. :)

Judi said...

I love that block and want to make the smaller size like you are doing what did you use as a template?