Saturday, June 11, 2011

Charleston, South Carolina

Charleston was a beautiful town with so much to see. We definitely plan on going back there during a cooler time of the year. We walked miles and saw great things and met sweet people. Ray and I think we would like to retire to a town similar to this where you don't drive your car unless you are going far. Where everything you need is within walking distance. We had a great time.
Peyote bracelet
While travelling I saw a magazine that reignited an interest in beading. I love the feel of beads. I played around with some  that I have had stored for years and made a bracelet. All I need to do is put a clasp on it, but I didn't remember to pack one. Typical.

While exploring in South Carolina we found this
and the HOT light was on! Of course we stopped.
On one of my daily walks while Ray was in meetings I found the nicest little quilt shop. People Places and Quilts was such a friendly place to visit.  This quilt on display was the answer to so many "little" quilts made by one of the workers. She made many of the Lori Smith quilts and didn't really want so many little quilts. She put them all together into a usable size. I thought that was terrific!
 I already own a series of Lori Smith patterns but never made them. I like looking at other people little quilts but never wanted to make my own. Never saw the practicality. Now not only do I want to make a couple small quilts for decorations, I want to make some to put together like this one.

I am a fan of Jan Patek designs and saw this and recognized her "look".
I spoke with the owner of People Places and Quilts and co designer of this pattern Diane Frankenberger. She told me a little history of this pattern, I hope I remember it correctly. Eliza Lucas Pickney was responsible for Indigo plants in South Carolina. Her father sent her some from the West Indies. She struggled for many years but was successful in a crop and then gave away seeds.
This pattern named Eliza was a tribute to her. 

I have so much more to share, but I have catching up to do with the laundry and the puppies and yard work so I will post more tomorrow.


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Linda said...

Thanks for sharing your travels!!! I do love all the little quilts put together. What a great idea. I know I piece my backs with what's leftover but now I can piece my fronts too!!!