Friday, July 1, 2011

Home, laundry and rules

We got home late last night. I was so glad to finally sleep in my own bed! I like travelling, but I love coming home.
Today is busy with laundry, vaccuming, unpacking, playing with the pups and trying to stay out of the sewing room. I have to make strict rules about the sewing room when I get home from a trip or I will drop the suitcases in the doorway and head straight in there. There will be no clean clothes, no food and very upset dogs.
I must go to the grocery store today. The only food left is milk and a half box of cereal.

While travelling this year, my attention was directed to beads. Do not ask me why, I don't know. I guess the sparkle or something like that. I bought a couple of beading magazines and saw all of the fun stuff that was being made. I used to bead on a loom years ago so I have beads and several tools. I still like bead weaving on and off loom better than just beading one bead after another. Maybe I will just pull out my loom and see what I can come up with.
I visited a couple of bead shops but bought very little. Fortunaltly there has been no head over heels falling for sparkly things like for fabric. Ray is relieved. He did ask me if I was starting a new addiction or if I was mildly interested. He was worried what room the beads would take up in the already stuffed quilt house. I assured him it was a mild interest, but he did need to take me to the sporting goods store. I'm not sure what he was thinking when I bought the new Berkley Fireline. He started looking at new rods and reels. He told me he needed heavier line than the 6# test I bought. I just shook my head.  Poor man, when will he learn?

Ok, I am off to the grocery store.
More later,

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Linda said...

Know you're glad you're home. You didn't mention any quilt stores...did you go see our favorite (not) quilter while you were there?