Tuesday, July 5, 2011

what to do?

I am at a complete stand still. I don't know what to do. This always happens after a lot of travel. I go in my sewing room and look at everything. I look through projects I had been working on before leaving, trying to remember where I was, but put them aside.
I look though my stack of UFO bins trying to get interested, but close them back up. I dig out magazines trying to spark an interest...nothing. I look through my hundreds of patterns, put them back. I start to clean up thinking that usually gets me interested in something I touch, not this time.
I hate this feeling. I feel overwhelmed, underwhelmed and disconnected.
Overwhelmed by the amount of stuff I have.
Underwhelmed by the projects that had me on fire just a few short weeks ago.
Disconnected because I have not ventured out to make quilting friends even after living here for almost three years. What is my problem?  Really I know what my problem is there. I have always been afraid of putting myself out there. If I have a friend to go with I am pretty much OK, but when I am alone I am the biggest scaredy cat!

So here I sit...what to do?


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Carolyn said...

Goodness I can feel your pain about
walking through your sewing room and nothing grabs you. I think I get in a rut. After my guild closes for the summer I get stuck.
But what helps me is my Bee get togethers. I dont know if I could
quilt alone. I have the most wonderful Bee sisters. We dont always agree but we love each other. I am in a big rut right now.
So we need to hang in there and hope that the sewing room will call out to us. I have a project in my sewing room right now that is holding me up. I have to work out a problem. I am going to pick someone elses brain. So glad you shared.