Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Issues... I don't like them!

This morning my husband left for a whole week of business trips. He will be in three places this week before coming home. That means a week of little/no/bad sleep for me. Ugh!

Night before last my left ear was itchy and my throat was feeling scratchy. This morning I woke up achy and whiny with a sore throat...etc. Ugh!

Tonight after being a slug all day and listening to the last of my audiobooks on my iPod I tried to download a couple more to help me make through thus week. Now I don't know how you feel about ITunes but I have a love gate relationship with it. I live it because it allows me to listen to all of my wonderful George Strait music and all of these great books I have "read" over the past two years.
Tonight we are having a fight and it promises to get bloody! It hates my ancient iPod. I have the "classic" mega large iPod that holds tons of music and books. I love it! I use it every single day and have for years. But lately iTunes refuses to see it or it licks up when I try to sync. Every male in my family hates to help me with this problem. I think that is rude!
Before Ray left he downloaded an app to my iPad so I can watch tv. I guess I should be thankful and go back to sleep.

I hate issues.
I hate ear aches
I hate sore throats.
I hate being whiny.

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Crescent Moon Mama said...

Did you know that you can use the iPad to listen to books too? That might be easier that fighting with your iPod!