Tuesday, October 30, 2012

No concentration

There is no concentration going on in my life right now. Once again my husband came home with mind rattling news. His company is going through a restructuring something or other and we don't know if we will be here or not after the first of the year.
How can this be? I JUST got completely moved into this house and have it painted and decorated the way I want. Four years and just a few weeks ago we moved into this house. It can not be time to do this again!
So while I am in limbo I cook and clean. When I cook I don't eat much. I find that strange but I've always been that way. My Grandma Emfinger was the same way. She would cook for all of us (19 ) and she would clean the dishes while everyone ate. She never ate with us. Then when people started getting up from the table she would get a small plate and sit and eat while the rest of us finished. I found myself doing the same thing. I still to this day prefer my food only warm and not hot.
Boy I strayed off subject there didn't I? LOL
What I was getting at is when I cook lots and I don't eat that means Ray does. His doctor will not be happy with us. I think I need to take food to the neighbors.
Maybe this will be a great time to finish up some easy piecing projects. I am way behind on my Texas Flag project. Hmmmm...


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