Monday, January 21, 2013

Crazy busy weekend

I have been so busy this weekend I am totally exhausted. I woke up this morning and while setting and looking at blogs first thing I fell asleep sitting up! But I have too much to do to sleep.

The sewing move and redo is still underway, but I have lots to report.

First of all my husband was in rare form. He is mostly agreeable and will go along to get along, but there are a few things he draws the line in the sand about. He HATES Ikea. Not so much the products or the idea of the store, but he hates going inside. He says it is a rat maze and you are trapped until you find the end, and the prize instead of cheese is the exit doors.  Well I wanted to go and buy a few things to go into my new sewing area. I wanted to get rid of the plastic drawers I have been using for years and wanted a put together look, but on a budget.

Not only did he take me and never uttered a snarly word, he even loaded a really heavy wall unit (4 boxes) twice. Twice you ask? Yes twice since the first one he loaded on the cart was the wrong one. Who told him the wrong one? Me! :(

I had figured the cost in my head, but while we were there we had picked up a few items we spotted for Joseph's room and a couple of the best lights for a great price. More on that later. To be honest I was WAY off on my math, but sweet man never even blinked. Hmmm, is something wrong with him?

We got it all home and I didn't want to cause any frustration for my sweet husband who loaded 12,000 pounds of stuff three times already so I said I would start putting it together while he went and rested with the puppies.
He kept asking if I needed help, but I trudged on. 
The red is double drawers. I have a few more to assemble.
I LOVE this! It isn't in place yet since it needs to be attached to the wall for security. Loaded with heavy items it would be a death trap if not secure. Maybe this afternoon.

Civil War fabrics in the closet and sorted. 

Perfect! Civil war fabrics neatly stacked and visible. I was sick of plastic boxes all over the place. I was constantly opening boxes looking for what I wanted and then I had all of them all over the floor with jumbles of fabric. Constant mess.

Thread and incidentals not in permanent place.
Last but surely not least, a thread and incidentals drawer unit. Woo Hoo! I have plastic drawers but I really don't love them. They were both bought at garage sales and didn't match but they did the job. This is what I have wanted for a long time since seeing it on Mel's Fibermania blog. It isn't as tall as the other sewing tables I have but it will be fine. :) I'm happy.

Oh I almost forgot. This is a Closet Maid stackable shelf I thought would fit in this spot and oh my it is perfect. The closet doors when opened just about cover the shelf but doesn't touch it so instead of wasted space...I can use it! It is holding patterns and hand piecing kits.

Now to put the ironing/cutting table back in place and put fabric away. No rest for the weary.


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