Thursday, January 10, 2013

I'm still waiting...

I painted my sewing room over 3 days last weekend. I am still waiting on the horrible, strong odor to ease up. Man, it stinks! It's making the whole house smell. I went back to Lowes and asked why it smelled so bad and was told it was because I chose semi gloss. I will have to do some research and find a lower odor semi gloss since that is what I prefer. Either that or move down to an eggshell finish. I really dislike flat paint and love semi gloss. I like to wash my walls and really be like a " bull in a china shop" with it on the walls and not do any damage to the paint. I have my ironing and cutting tables up against the walls and they wiggle a little since I am so rough and they have really rubbed the paint in the old sewing room. Possible problem could be that I discovered that the paint on the walls in the bedrooms are original builder's beige paint and it was just barely enough to cover the wall board. Such thin coats! I put two coats of the thick paint with primer to cover the hot pink that was on the one wall.
Anyway, while I am waiting to get back in there, dear husband says to me " why don't you wait a bit more and we will get new carpet in there". I really don't want carpet, I want vinyl but he thinks carpet is best in case I change my mind again and want the room to be a bedroom again. I see his point, but believe me I don't plan on moving this stuff again!! But then, Grandma is supposed to come live with us and who knows what room she would feel more comfortable in.

I have managed a few stolen moments in the old sewing room in the evenings. I have been piecing a bit and sorting a bit. Trying to decide what will move and what will move out. I have to use the laptop to put the pictures on since I haven't learned to resize pictures on the iPad, more in a bit.


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Cynthia said...

Diane, try burns a couple unscented candles, it is suppose to help with smells.Having the primer in the semi-gloss also causes it to smell stronger too.I can't wait to see your new room, I hope you plan to take pictures.What color did you paint your favorite room?