Wednesday, January 16, 2013

I'm serious this time! ***EDITED with pictures now**

Really I am!
 Stop laughing! I hear you Linda! Hush up Karen! Don't howl so loud!

I need to remember this not only because I have A LOT, but because there is no room for another fat quarter!
All it takes to let you have full knowledge of your sickness is moving your sewing room from one place to another. You unstuff all of the things you crammed into empty holes and it looks like your stuff exploded. Basically it did!
There is no way all of this is going to fit into this room and it is the exact same size.

I'm headed to Ikea Friday to buy a small shelf to fit into the new closet. The rooms are the same size, but the closet is just a bit different. The old room had the built in shelves more behind the wall and so my fabric shelf unit was more exposed. The new room is just the opposite. I have to rethink how I will use the space.
New closet space is shifted a bit from the other closet
I used to have my "kits" behind the wall and the fabric very visible. This caused me to forget what kits I had already made. Thus too many kits forgotten about until today. UGH!
Are you kidding me? I forgot about that! I don't remember ever cutting that! Who's is this?
That is the mumbling that is being heard over here.
Forgotten kits in old closet

Kits placed by the door under the light switch so I have to see them until I do something with them

I plan on not bringing the ironing table. That will allow me to have more room to move. I will use the small ironing board for piecing and when I need to iron a large piece of fabric I can still put my big ironing board on top of the cutting table. With that decision made though it causes another storage issue. I used to store boxes of wool and flannel under the ironing table and boxes of flimsies under the cutting table. What do I do with all of this now?
Get rid of the wool? Quilt the flimsies?
Former ironing was neater until I started the move. Wool in boxes.

New cutting/ironing station in the middle of the room. The fabric is the CW fabrics waiting for the Ikea shelf. Blue and white on the right is strips sorted by size. I must do some rethinking. Too many boxes!
New sewing area. I'm so excited! I sewed some last night at it is a good set up I think.
I am able to have my regular piecing machine (Bernina) and my paper piecing/quilting machine (Brother) set up at the same time. Pretty cool! I have it set in a U shape so I can just wheel around if I need to press a seam or nip off a corner and not have to do so much up and down. My ironing/cutting area is just there beside the yellow floor mat so it is far enough to make me move if I need to iron or cut something bigger. 
Kari brought me my first wall art! It's over my door and I LOVE it!


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Linda said...

Do not get rid of the wool until you talk to me and your post did make me laugh this morning.