Thursday, February 7, 2013

Fun finds

Every time I do a deep clean/move of my sewing room I find so many things I have completely forgotten about. I'm sure I'm not the only one, at least I hope not. :)
One of the things I found this time was some paper piecing I had set aside years ago. I mean YEARS ago.
The pattern actually has a date of 1997. Now in all fairness I might not have found the pattern that exact year, but I do know it was close because I taught this as a beginner paper piecing class in my guild in either 2000, or 2001, and I had already played around with it for quite a while before doing the class.
Anyway I found the box on a day I was not feeling well and couldn't focus so I thought it would be a prefect thing to play with.
I am working on the last couple of blocks and I will have a perfect quilt for a child.

Pattern info: The pattern was designed by Mary Ann Beattie in 1997 and named Galaxy Star.

 I have looked for information on her and her designs but have been unable to find her.  Woo Hoo!! I found the pattern!

 I do know if it weren't for her and her free patterns that I could print myself I would never have paper pieced. I made so many mistakes and had to print so many extras, there was no way to afford it if I had to pay for them. I have a hard enough time with straight forward...trying to remember that I am piecing backwards took a LONG time to sink in. The angles! OMG! Those nearly drove me over the edge.

This pattern is easy with a nice design.

I will have pictures of my progress soon. Pictures of my blocks stacked together wasn't very interesting.


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