Tuesday, February 5, 2013

What am I reading?

Nicholas Nickleby by Charles Dickens.
I think I said before that I was given a subscription to Audible.com and I enjoy it every day.
I have read (listened to) a couple of Charles Dickens books and I really enjoy them. They take a bit of time to get into since he writes with so many characters and with great detail. I always remember what project I am working on when I hear the name of a book or I remember which book I was into when I look at a certain quilt.

Nicholas Nickleby is just getting interesting as I have been listening only a couple of hours and the characters are starting to show themselves. The main character is a kind young man who's father died and left the family with no money. The uncle (father's brother) is a Scrooge type character, and arranges for Nicholas to go to work at a boys boarding school being the school master's assistant.
So far, in true Dickens' fashion, nothing is working out as Nicholas was told it would.

If you like stories with great characters and lots of them you will probably like this book. Don't push it away because of the language or the length of the book. I have enjoyed every minute of each of the Dickens' books I have read. I think I will buy the books on audio CDs for my children so they can enjoy the stories as well. None of them have time to sit and read, but they all have commutes of over 30 minutes.

I listened to two books while driving to Houston and back and it sure made the time go faster.


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Kathaleeny said...

I couldn't get into Dickens until I watched the Bleak House series on masterpiece Theater. Then I couldn't wait to savor each page of the loooong book. He really had a way with characters. I'll have to give this one a try too.