Monday, February 4, 2013

While in Houston the last day me and my BFF spent a couple of hours having fun. On our way to deliver the Monkey quilt to her youngest grandson we stopped at an antique mall.
I found a couple of items I liked and of course they came home with me.

Old pipe holder is a useful thing!

I have a weakness for old irons. They get so hot and no auto off!

Monkey quilt and boy! Look at that smile!

When we drove home we stopped at a really nice antique mall and spent a couple of hours strolling and looking.

301 Longbed
This machine was not used much. I had to give it a good oiling and smear on some grease and it hummed to life. The previous owner made a note to remind her how to thread the machine.

Thread from this side
So far this note is still intact. I'm afraid to try anything more than soap and water, not wanting to harm the finish.

I'm still behind on laundry.

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