Tuesday, February 12, 2013

How do you spell relief?

FLIMSY!! Check your dictionary, I'm sure I'm correct.

Pardon the mess in the picture. The design wall has not been moved into the new sewing room and neither has some of the "iffie" boxes and containers. Meaning, the spare room is still a mess and my sewing room has room to walk. :)

I showed this to Ray last night and he really liked it. I think it turned out pretty ok too. I probably wouldn't have chosen these color combos today but they were picked and mostly cut so I went with them. I had to pic a few yellows and only a couple of blues for one particular section of the PP. I'm not sure what I had been using for that spot, but I couldn't find any in the box that would fit it now. Maybe that is why I quit back when, I ran out of those pieces and was too lazy to cut more. Sad!  I hope it was something more forgiving.
The measurements are 63" X 69". Perfect for a small person to take a nap under. I may have the perfect small person to give it to also, but I will need to make sure.


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Anonymous said...

Your star quilt positively sparkles! I'm sure the recipient will love it.