Thursday, October 16, 2008

I forgot about the pins

I said I would tell you about the pins and forgot until after I hit send. Any quilter/sewer knows pins are a necessary evil. Those same things that poke us, make us bleed and scream out in pain are necessary item if we want things to lay straight, flat and true. Well I am what Quilts, Inc. in their latest survey would call a "Dedicated" quilter, my husband calls it a "Rabid" quilter. After no less than 5 different people have vacuumed the carpets in my home, I still found 2 pins in the carpet! I just hope the next owners like to wear shoes in the house and don't have small children!

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Vicki W said...

When I "remodeled" my sewing room several years ago I finally replaced the carpet. The carpet was from the previous owner. This room had been the family room and they had dogs. It was disgusting. I told the carpet people SEVERAL TIMES to watch out for pins. They ignored me until one of them got the pin in the knee - then they put on their kne pads. My new carpet is a very tightly woven commercial grade plush. I THINK that there aren't any imbedded pins but I won't walk in here barefooted.