Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Blogger makes me crazy...uhmm crazier

I have been trying to get all of my computer stuff transferred to my new email address and new server. Everyone seems to be cooperating except Blogger. Yahoo took a couple of days, but finally came around, but Blogger is being stubborn.
I am not the most computer savvy person so even small things frustrate me and makes me want to throw the whole mess in the pool!

I have finally started cooking and let me tell you I never thought I would be happy to be cooking! I forgot how good it smelled to have the slow cooker going all day. :^)
It has been about 17 years since Ray has worked close enough to come home for lunch, but now we do. I loved it today, but I wonder if I will get irritated with it like I did before. I think I didn't like it before because I had little ones at home and I had to stop my day to cook lunch for him (me and kids were happy with a sandwich and a can of soup) and then clean it up, then I had to start thinking about supper. Ray has always liked to eat supper early, and if I cooked him lunch I was never hungry for an early supper.
I hope I have grown and can work this better and enjoy it more. I really do enjoy seeing him in the middle of the day.
Ray and I have an amazing relationship. After over 27 years married and almost 29 years of being a couple I still love hearing his voice on the phone and would rather spend my time with him than with anyone else. I have been very blessed to have been given such a gift.

Sorry no pictures again, but I can't find my cable that hooks my camera to my computer. One of these days I will have this house together, I hope.



Linda said...

Diane-it sounds like you're settling in some. When you start telling us about your quilting and sewing room then I know for sure that you're settled in. LOL
Linda G

Joanne said...

Wow - you're really there....It has been a very long road for you my friend...