Wednesday, October 8, 2008

I have good news and bad news...

Every move has casualties and I should be able to handle it better after all the moves, but some of these make me sad. This is the base and legs of my Hinterberg Homestead Hoop and Stand. It is about 15 years old and it wasn't cheap then. I haven't looked to see how much they cost now, but I am sure it is alot. This was my every day cutting mat. I loved it. It was the perfect size for most rotary cutting and it fit perfect on my little personal table on the left of my sewing area. How did they cut it like this?
This ruler was the very first rotary ruler I ever bought. It is great for beginners because it has gripper lines on the back that dig into the fabric so it doesn't slip. Beginners have enough on their minds with cutting to have to worry about the ruler slipping.
This was my retreat and workshop mat. Small enough to fit in my bag, but big enough to be usable. :^(
This was my small on that sets by my machine for trimming while paper piecing. I have already tried laying them on my driveway in the sun with a box on them and they are still warped. So sad.
But this is the Good news!!! This is ELEVEN feet of continuous closet! It looks like it is two closets but it is just one BIG one. The ceilings in the house are 12 feet, but the closets are only 10 feet, with a shelf above. I can fit all of my fabric in there and shut the doors to keep the sun out. At least I hope I can fit it all in. :^) We will know soon!
The movers had a sense of humor. Every box except the ones labeled kitchen was labeled "Craft Room". I Kid you not! I have gone through almost every box and all but about 8 boxes say "Craft Room", and almost every box has something quilt related in them. Example I opened one today that is a large closet type box with the hanger bar in it, labeled "Craft Room" and it had my husband's golf clubs, my small vacuum cleaner and a small Rubbermaid box of fabric.
I opened another labeled "Craft Room" and it was my kids old stuffed animals (yes I still have them) a HUGE box of Lego's and a medium size Rubbermaid box of fabric. And just think I gave these guys a tip for being so nice and careful and fast (they got me to Florida a whole day earlier than they contracted for). Next time I will check the box labels BEFORE I give the tip! LOL
Tomorrow...more boxes...what will I find? Probably "Craft" stuff! LOL


Paula said...

Condolences on your losses (craft items) and congrats on your promotion (large craft closet). Maybe the universe is trying to level out and you had to loose to gain??? LOL

Glad everyone and everything made to the new house!!! Hugs....

Linda said...

Glad to hear you're there safe and sound and only very minor mishaps. Your sewing room closet looks really great...take a picture when it's full. Keep in touch.
Linda G.

Joanne said...

Hey babycakes,
been thinking about you constantly. Glad you got there in one piece...What did those movers have against your quilting bling????? LOL
Miss you already,