Friday, May 15, 2009

As Rosanna Rosanna Danna says...It's always something!

I surprised my friends in Mobile by showing up at the monthly meeting on Tuesday. I had such a wonderful day seeing all the ladies and getting hugs from them. I really do love these ladies.

We had a great Show and Tell session. These ladies are very talented.

My poor camera is so old it had a hard time getting the pictures before the ladies started folding them back up but I managed to catch a few beauties.

Wednesday morning a friend came to my hotel and picked me up to go to her house for an all day sew. We were having so much fun eating and laughing and sewing and people dropping in to say hi. I got a few patches sewed on my scrappy project before I got a scary phone call.

My sister calls me. Now to the average person a phone call from their sister may not be a big deal, but me, if I get a phone call from a sister it means either someone has died, or someone is dying.

It is my mom. She is not dead...turns out she is in the hospital having a heart cath done and the doctor as he is feeding the cath in nicks a piece of calcified plaque and her artery ruptures. I won't go into all of the gory details but needless to say I head back to my hotel pack my suitcases and my sweet husband cancels meetings and drives me to Houston. We left Mobile at 3:30 pm and arrived at St. Luke's hospital at 11 pm. I got to see mom in the ICU and headed over to check on my dad who I spoke to earlier and was a basket case. I get to Daddy's at midnight and he is really a basket case. He had mislaid his watch and didn't know what time was but was sure I was dead on the side of the road because I was suppose to be there by midnight at it was at least 4 or 5 am he was sure... He was crying, pacing the floor, nauseated, looked a fright. It took Ray and I a good hour to calm him down.

I decided right then and there Mom was being taken care of quite well at the hospital with all the doctors, nurses and family there she was good. Daddy on the other hand was not doing well alone so I am the self designated keeper of the Dad.

Daddy didn't sleep 15 minutes all night which meant I didn't sleep 15 minutes all night. Poor Ray was trying his best to catch a few minutes all wadded up on the love seat int he den ( the only place that had an air conditioner that Daddy wasn't pacing constantly). My poor husband is so wonderful. So I spent the day (Thursday) doing some cleaning and laundry while Daddy slept.

Daddy had a stroke in October and he has recovered very well but has a limp and balance problems and more than anything depression. He keeps telling me he can't do anything anymore. It really upsets him he can no longer drive, and with the balance problems he thinks he can no longer work in the yard which has been a lifelong passion. I can't do anything about the driving or his limp, but I am going to try to figure out how to get him back in the yard, even if it is just for 10 minutes to deadhead his roses.

Last night was a much better sleep as we took Daddy to the hospital to see Moma and he was up and active for several hours. By the time we got a prescription filled and dinner of his favorite hamburger and french fries, he was pretty much exhausted. I gave him his night meds and we chatted for another 20 or 30 minutes and he went to bed and as far as I know never got up in the night, which is unheard of for my dad.

I am praying today will be a better day for Daddy.

Last night when I got to see Moma she looked a lot better than she did the night before. She had color in her face and was able to talk with me. I pray she continues to get better.

I think with the horrible health issues my grandparents had and my parents now have I will start taking my Fish Oil pills and my baby asprin with regularity instead of "when I remember". I have great health now with no real concerns but so did my parents in their forties.



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