Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Home is such a wonderful word. It instantly makes me feel comfy and cozy and warm inside.

I can honestly feel how cozy my bed is and how cool the floor is under my feet when I think of home.

I am home now and I am so glad. I love being at home, and the older I get the more I love it. I have a feeling I may turn into a hermit and leave only when absolutely necessary. I will be the "crazy lady" down the street that wears funny clothes and a floppy hat and sings to herself on the front porch swing. Yes, I want a front porch swing. I have also always wanted a plastic flamingo in my front yard. Of course I will have to move from this neighborhood before I get the swing or flamingo. the HOA would have me arrested. LOL

I have spoke with Moma and she is getting stronger each day. She is not liking the fluid restriction she is on, but other than being thirsty she is good. Daddy on the other hand fell again. He is ok, but he is bruised and sore.

Living 17 hours and four states away is a blessing and a curse. A blessing because I am not sure my marriage would have lasted if we had stayed in Houston. My husband has no desire to be there to live ever again. he would if he had to, but he wouldn't be happy. To me, my husbands happiness is very important. I am happy where ever he is, or at least can become happy.

The curse is when I want to see my family (this includes Ray's family) we are usually not able to go due to Ray's work schedule and the distance. Although with the kids pretty much on their own I am more able to travel with Ray and I will get to go to Houston more.

I have been sewing this morning...just putting blocks together that have been in a box for a couple of months.

Does this look familiar? I am hoping to get it to the top state by tonight. I want to play around with machine quilting this weekend...but we all know how the combination of my husband home for three days and me quilting adds up to...a big fat 0!

Oh well I can try anyway.



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Scarlett said...

I can so relate to wanting to quilt and needing to be with family too. I linked to your blog post from mine at Craft Gossip.

Scarlett Burroughs,
Quilting Editor, Craft Gossip