Wednesday, September 9, 2009


We finally arrived home last night. I would have blogged more, but for some reason my computer decided it didn't want to send emails or let me blog. It showed everything was connected correctly, and it would let me receive email, but nothing else. I hate being not so smart about computers.

I worked on my "Welcome" applique while I was there.

I am making it similar to the pattern cover but think I may give it away. It looks too dark for the new house. I have never made quilts to match my house, but I am not sure this will go at all. We will see.

In two weeks we close on the house so I am in full pack up/clean up mode. We are working on this yard today to get all trimmed and weeded. The weeds are at a minimum (thank you mother in law!) but I have one tree and one huge hedge that has to be trimmed up. Things never stop growing here in central Florida.



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Fiesta said...

I have been meaning to make this but never got around to it. I live in Springhill Florida and all the rain is definetly making everything grow. Enjoy your new home.