Wednesday, September 16, 2009

it continues...

Six more days...
the house is COMPLETELY upside down.
If you have ever moved you know exactly what I mean. I have 3/4 of the middle bathroom packed but stopped because I wanted to test the electric blanket control things need to pack them if they don't work. Plus I found I had the twin controller with the queen blanket when we were trying to put them on the beds this winter. I never found the queen controller.
I have the room scrubbed and clean except the floors which we will do the last day we are here.
I have about 3/4 of the master bathroom packed, but had to leave out essentials until next week. I scrubbed the shower all the way to the top (about 9 feet of tile). But of course can't clean it completely until the last day. Well I can, but why?
Since I couldn't do more with that room and my ADD kicked in I went to my sewing room. Can you say DREAD? I have been dreading this room more than any. I had the room perfect! I was able to lay my hands on anything I wanted almost with the lights out. Now it is complete chaos in there. I can't find all of the boxes I had my fabric in before we moved here. Everything fit perfectly. I am wondering if my stash has grown. Surely it couldn't have. I have been so careful. I have really REALLY controlled my buying.
Ok Karen and Linda you can get up off the floor...really you shouldn't laugh at me like that! It isn't funny!
On top of everything else I am dealing with (as if) Ray has lost quite a bit of weight. YIPPEE! I am so happy for him, but I think I found it. Seriously, I think I have gained! I was doing so well and could tell I was losing since my clothes were getting loose, but now they are back to pretty snug. And it is hot outside. Hot and fat does not mix when you have to move. I am ssssssssssssooooooooo hoping this is the last move for us. I HATE moving.
OK, that is enough whining... I am through
Back to I'm such a slave driver!

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