Tuesday, September 1, 2009

How did it get to be September already?

Man, what is going on? Didn't this year just start like 3 months ago?

I know I have been a bit busy looking for and buying a house, but what happened to the year? Do you realize it is just over 16 weeks until Christmas? Christmas was just here!
I have a feeling this Thanksgiving and Christmas will be like last year's. We had just moved in the first week of October last year and this year it will be the last week in September. If nothing I am consistent! LOL

I am so glad I went to the retreat because I am sure I won't get any sewing time until after the move. And everyone knows once you move it takes forever to get the sewing room set up since the other members of the family don't seem to understand it's importance. The husband seems to think the most important room is the kitchen and living room and the son will probably agree. Oh well, I can't help it they are ignorant. :^)

It's all good!

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Elizabeth said...

I can agree with everything except the order in which to unpack. I have only been a quilter a year and a couple of months and thereby have never had to move the sewing area. Though I tell you the extra bedroom is looking more and more inviting...