Sunday, February 14, 2010

I'm a convert

I tried the starch/Templar method of hand applique and I love it!
It took a bit of getting used to but once the pieces were starched and glued in place the stitching was so fun! It went so fast!
Sitting in the living room while Ray watches the back of his eye lids, I mean TV I can stitch and I don't feel guilty being off in my sewing room. In two evenings, and two programs each night I have everything stitched down except the leaves (base of hearts) and the mauve dots. I didn't glue the leaves down since they sit so close to the heart bottoms I was afraid I wouldn't get something stitched well. I will glue them in a bit and stitch them later.



taylorsoutback said...

Your block looks wonderful! I might look into this applique method...have tried the see-through red dot interfacing with the pattern drawn on it and now playing with the basting from the back method. Anything that would help my applique improve would be great!
Thanks for sharing!

Jo Caglione said...

good job!!!!!