Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Teaching this old dog new tricks

Since deciding I would try applique again I have been trying to remember what I know about applique. I know the old way (how my Granny taught me), and I know how Ms. Louise taught me. They are similar, with a few differences. I also know how to do back basting.

I have been intrigued by a new method I have seen over the past couple of years. This method uses Templar, starch, and an iron to prep your pieces.

The Templar that I ordered from Karen K Buckley arrived. I found a pattern that I thought would be pretty easy and I liked since a pattern isn't a good idea, no matter how easy, if you don't like the way it looks.

I decided on the book Simple Blessings by Kim Diehl. I LOVE this book. Sometimes when life gets too stressful and I can't think straight I will pull this book out and study the quilts. Have I said I love this book?

The Country Whig Rose is the pattern I chose. It has nice big pieces, lots of color (scraps) and it's not too big to actually finish.

Today I prepped the first block. It took me quite a while and I hope it is just because I have never used this technique before. It did get easier as I went along. Now I am going to use glue to baste the pieces down to the background so I don't have to use pins. Then I should be able to have a portable piece so I can stitch even if I am away from home.



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