Thursday, February 4, 2010

I'm over it now

I had a great night sleep and I am over yesterday's frustrations. YIPPEE!

On to today!
I used to love to hand applique. I never made a whole lot of things but I enjoyed it. Then one day a few months back I realized I have not appliqued in years. I don't know why other than life was just too much and I couldn't concentrate long enough to get any stitching done. Plus there is something so mindless about ironing, cutting strips, feeding said strips through the machine. In no time at all without much thinking I could come up with a decent quilt top. Bliss!

A few weeks ago my computer started acting like a brick. It wouldn't budge. So my computer genius husband re imaged it after listening to me sigh loudly for the 752nd time. In the aftermath I realized I lost all of my bookmarks which had all of my favorite blogs. Oh man!
I start looking all over again for my blogs and in the process I found some new ones.

I found One Piece at a Time and parked there for a LONG. Reading her entries caused something to happen. I started thinking about all of the applique patterns I own and how I love the look and how I want to make them. The applique beast started stirring and stretching.
Said beast caused part of the ruckus yesterday but I'm not going there again!

This morning with my applique beast still struggling, I ordered the Templar from Karen K. Buckley. She was so nice. There was a shipping charge blip and I emailed her and asked her about it and she fixed it in about 10 minutes. What customer service! Now that is how a business should behave! Plus she said it would be mailed out today, so I may get it Saturday. I hope I hope!
I think the last time I appliqued was with a dear sweet lady in Mobile. Ms Louise was a true southern lady. You never heard her say an unkind word about anyone. She surely thought them, but never said it out loud. She and I shared applique patterns and fabric. I remember I came home from my trip to Bird in Hand, PA. and she saw a book I brought back. She borrowed the book and went home and called them that afternoon and order it. Before the book arrived in less than a week she already had most of the applique prepared and ready to stitch down.

Before I could get my head wrapped around what I wanted to do she had the top finished and in the quilt frame. Ms Louise has gone on to be with the Lord and I miss her so much. She was a wonderful person.



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Anonymous said...

I remember that show winner quilt. How cool you had a big part in it. I miss Ms Louise and have several of projects she helped me start.