Thursday, February 25, 2010

My mind is wandering

There are about seven or eight blogs that I love to read daily. These blogs do so much for me, from exciting me with color and design to making me think about why I do what I do and the way I do them.
Lately I have been having this niggling thought in my head; am I really a quilter? I don't mean a topper versus a quilter, I mean do I piece/applique/quilt because I have a need to do it? Or do I do it because it was a phase in my life and I now have too much money invested in fabric and machines to just give up on it all.

I can go weeks and weeks and not even have a desire to go in my sewing room or look at one of my many many quilting books. Is that the way a real quilter behaves? I read blogs such as Wanda Hanson's and Judy Laquidara's and I am in awe of the vast number of quilts they make in a short amount of time. I don't need to make that many quilts, and I really don't want to make that many, I am just amazed they can.
I used to dye fabric. I used to dye fabric as a business. I love to dye fabric but I have not done that in a long time, there are many reasons too boring to go into right now. I brought it up because I got into dyeing because of my quilting. I think my dyeing was one of the reasons I stopped producing quilts. Anyone who has had a business in the quilting area knows you give up your own quilting to make or do for your customers. I was too busy or too tired to make anything for fun. The need for samples took precedence over everything else.

After I closed my business I felt sort of lost. It was going to be just a short closing, just until I got moved and settled. This short time has lasted over two years. With this economy I don't see it starting back up any time soon either. I do have some former customers that I stay in contact with who I am happy to make a special piece for when they need it, but nothing big.

You will never believe what got me going this morning on this blog posting. I read Judy's blog and she was talking about Batik fabrics. Then I read Wanda's blog and she showed the top she is working on and her goals for the month. I started comparing myself to them. Am I a quilter? Or just someone who dabbles in making quilts. Do I love it or am I just stuck in it because I have too much invested?

My conclusion? I love to make quilts and I am not stuck in it because of my stash of fabric, machines or books. I need to iron fabric, and cut fabric. I need to plan quilts in my head and on paper. I enjoy looking at books and magazines. I have a desire to be great and make beautiful heirlooms to give my children. Quilts are what I found will hug those I love when I can't, so therefore... I am a quilter.



Linda said...

I love your comment "quilts will hug them when I can't". How true and a beautiful thought.

Linda said...

After more careful consideration of what you wrote the other day I've come to the conclusion that you definitely are a quilter and so am I and so are lots of our friends. I think we feel that we can go to our sewing rooms to be in our own space and to feel consolation or calmness when needed.