Thursday, May 20, 2010

Is it really Thursday?

Wow this week has been so busy and it has flown by!
I have gotten some more work done on the 1 1/2" squares. I have all of the components ready for a top except a paper piece section. I am not a big fan of paper piecing anymore. Well I need to explain that. I don't mind straight line paper piecing like log cabins, pineapples, court house steps, etc. But if there are angles involved I hate it. I NEVER get the angle correct and end up so frustrated and upset with myself I want to toss the whole thing. So I have set it aside for a bit. ( Maybe longer than a bit if I am honest) :)

I was looking around my sewing room after straightening it for something to work on when my eyes landed on clear box under my cutting table. Inside I found three UFOs. One of the UFOs says to me "Look at me, I know you will want to work on me. I was your favorite!"  You know what? It was right! I pulled it out and started studying the instructions. (Skimming the pictures since I am being honest) I figure out where I left off and before long I was sewing and humming and having the best time. I am so glad I saw that box.

Today Haverty's is coming to exchange some furniture that I bought. It wasn't holding up as well as I thought it should for the price we paid. Once again their customer almost jumped through hoops to make me happy. I decided since the chair wasn't holding up I wanted something totally different. I wasn't comfortable that the sofa would hold up if the chair didn't. So they let me come pick all knew. It will be delivered today. :)
So, I had to vacuum and move junk around so they could get to the furniture without killing their selves. For most people that would take minutes, but I live with pack rats and pigs ( me know, honesty and all) so it was a task.

Now I am trying to cool off and rest my back before they arrive. Pictures when they leave!!

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