Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Rocket Man

It's quilted, it's bound, it's washed...now I just need to mail it. WHEW! I am finally finished with it. I put it off and put it off until it became the elephant in the room. I couldn't ignore it anymore. Yesterday I told everyone that was the ONLY thing I HAD to finish. No lunch, no dinner, no cleaning until it was finished. My son brought me breakfast into the sewing room at about 11am. Then at 1pm my husband called and reminded I had to go pick up a chair I had on hold (pictures coming soon) but I went there ans straight back. When Ray came home at 6:30 pm I had the quilt in the dryer. YEAH ME!
I don't care for the quilting but I am never happy with my quilting. I do like the piecing and the color choices so all in all I am pleased. I hope baby Erik likes it.


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Vicki W said...

I think it's adorable and baby Eric will never notice the quilting - especially once he's puked on the quilt.