Sunday, May 30, 2010

Happy Dance!

Everyone dance!!!!
I am so excited, and I just can't hide it....Ok, I'll quit singing now, but I will continue to dance. :)

I just got my confirmation for the David Taylor class. WOO HOO!!!!
I'm taking the class he calls "It's Pointless! Applique. Fortunately I won't have to take many supplies since I am flying in and I'm sure packing for two weeks I will already be over the weight limit.

This is going to be such a fun class. I have known David for a long time. Well I don't mean we are chums or anything but when I had my business dyeing fabric, David was one of my customers. I have done custom dye jobs for two people and he was one of them. I hate doing custom dye jobs but he was so nice when he called and asked if I would I couldn't turn him down. I am proud to say some of my fabric is in a couple of his quilts. Some of my favorites are the series quilts "A year under the Aspens". I know three of the skies are my blue fabrics.  I hope no one thinks I am bragging because that is not my intent. I am just so excited to take his class a lot of memories are coming to mind.

Ok, onto another subject before I sound like a commercial for my fabrics.

This is the UFO I have been working on this week and I am thrilled how it is turning out. Originally it was written to be a queen sized quilt (90"X103" or close to it) but I think I will make a few more blocks to make it King sized for my bed. The units are easy to make (as long as you pay attention and don't have to rip).
But I'm not going there!
I just love looking at all the different fabrics. The picture above is about half of the top. It has six more rows down and three or four rows on the right or left or some on both I haven't decided yet.
It is now after 1 am so I think I will turn in and try to sleep. Who knows what tomorrow will bring?



Kay Koeper Sorensen said...

I LOVE this quilt.
It looks much like an antique quilt I have.

Jo Caglione said...

Oh how wonderful!!! Both your quilt and class!!
Just went to his website...I think his "Sally at the Window" is hanging in Carol Bryer Fallert's home....