Saturday, June 12, 2010

Frustrated to the max!

I can NOT stand a thief! If you see something I have and you want just ask me for it. If I am attached to it I will probably give it to you, but don't steal from me!
I landed in Denver all happy because I getting to take the class with David T. and I got everything packed in one suitcase. YEAH ME!
In the hotel I start unpacking and realize there is something wrong. One of my toiletry bags is must have slipped to the bottom of the bag. Nope, not here. Did I leave it home? I'll call Joseph and ask. Nope he says it isn't at home. Hmmm. Then I realize another bag that had some of my supplies for David's class is gone. HUH? It had my red and white Clover iron in it and some scissors and my expensive Precensia thread! Now I am ticked! We call the airlines and basically there is nothing they can do. I have to fill out a form and submit it with a list and cost of the items.
I feel so grossed out. They had to look under my "intimates" to get to the bags. Now all I want to do is go to the laundromat! UGH!

It is overcast and dreary outside but I need to dress and shop to replace the items.
I am determined this week will be great...and on the flight home they will have to dig through dirty clothes to steal anything!!


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Beth said...


You need to contact TSA... otherwise this behavior will continue under the guise of searching bags. If we don't complain then the theives (high paid with benee's)get away with it.

If it were me I would call immediately with flight info and follow up with a letter to each airport you traveled through, and one to the TSA Administration. Even if they weren't taken intentionally, forgetting to put every thing back in your bag is unforgivable.

Beth-Near Chicago