Tuesday, June 15, 2010

A room with a view

This is the view I have from my hotel here in Colorado Springs.

Now that the rain, clouds and fog has cleared out I can actually see Pikes Peak.

This is The Garden of the Gods from my window. The pictures look hazy, but it isn't. There is a tinting film on the windows and it kind of messes with the camera.

Anyway this is what I have the pleasure of waking up to this week. :)

I went quilt shop hopping yesterday and found a couple of cute shops. I only bought a magnifying lens that sticks to the machine so I can see to thread my needle on my Bernina. I know, I know before you even say it, if I would use my Brother machine I wouldn't need the magnifier because it has a self threader. I just love my Bernina.

I really am feeling old. The eye doctor is having the hardest time finding contacts so I can see clearly due to my astigmatism and I need to see to sew and cut with the rotary cutter. The doctor didn't say it, but I think I have tri-focal glasses...isn't that the ones where you have three fields of vision? Yep, that's me. Now I needed to buy the magnifying glass for my machine. What is next? Oh never mind don't tell me I might just get depressed! :^)

Off to wander the streets. I found two nice looking antique shops I want to browse through.

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Susan Turney said...

Do you wear one contact for close-up and one for distance? That's what I do and it works quite well. It's called mono-vision and your brain takes over. My friends all say they couldn't wear them but....all the Dr. had to say to me was "I don't think you'll be able to adjust" and I "adjusted" within a day or so!!!! Sometimes I just put the close-up one in since my distance vision isn't that bad.