Tuesday, June 8, 2010

here, but not here

I have been home, but just not blogging. I have been getting ready for a trip to Colorado and Texas. There was so much to get accomplished before I could leave so I am pleased it is almost time. That means I can stop working!
Class supplies ready (check!)
Handwork for the airport and plane (check!)
iPod loaded (check!)
Groceries bought (not yet)
Food cooked and frozen for Joseph (mostly finished)
Laundry completely done since we don't have THAT many clothes (in the machine, and we will wear our old ratty clothes until we leave in less than 48 hours)
Glasses picked up from eye doctor ( appointment in 1 hour)
Contacts picked up (not gonna happen)
neighborhood watch arrangements (check!)
Joseph's transportation (check!)
medication bought and sorted (check!)
blah, blah, blah...

At the same time I was working to get ready for trip I found out one of Ray's co-worker's had twins and one of them had to have immediate surgery. I NEED to get two quilts made. I surely wish Ray would share with me BEFORE the births that a quilt (or two!) is needed!!!  But alas I will get two made after I return.

I am excited to get to go to my family reunion in Texas. There are so many in my extended family that I have not seen since I married (almost 29 years ago!), so there will be much photo passing. That reminds me I need to get my pictures in order. Add another thing to my list.

I'm taking my computer with me so hopefully I will take some pictures of the class with DT and of the reunion and of course Colorado mountains.


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