Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Pulling hair out...

banging my head against the wall mumbling. Can you tell I have been dealing with the government?GGGRRRR! Weeks, appointments, classes taken and money spent to get Joseph's license (permit) in Florida. I tell you it is no different anywhere. There are ten people in the building and you ask a question and you get nine different answers. You go online and the links don't work. You call on the phone and you are on hold for 17 minutes and told to go online or in person. (bang, bang, bang, there goes my head again).

Finally we get someone who sounds like they may know what they are talking about. She asks why he took these classes in Florida...Uh, because that lady over there said he had to!  She shakes her head and says he didn't need to. The she looks up his license in Alabama just to find out he has a suspension??? of his license??? Huh?
Call this number and find out what is happening...

Long story shorter, he has his permit. He didn't need to take the $50 course he took. The suspension in Alabama was a snafu, but has been cleared up with some explanation that he didn't have a head injury. Don't ask, you will get a headache if I try to explain.  I am so pleased with my dealings with my local government I think we need more government doing more for us! NOT!

I really need a quiet island to move to and live on coconuts and rain water. I will lose weight!


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