Monday, June 21, 2010


We arrived in Utah yesterday afternoon. After a week in beautiful Colorado it was sort of disappointing to see what I saw out my window. The route we took from Arches National Park to Bryce Canyons was not very pretty. Very hot, dry, no green, very red and brown. I'm not saying it was ugly, just not as pretty as I had been seeing in Estes Park and Rocky Mountain National Park. This morning I was seriously suffering the WORST sinus headache I think I have ever had which is saying something because I have had some whoppers. Ray also woke up to a bad headache so I had some sympathy this time. That probably contributed to the not so impressed feelings.

We arrived in Cedar City, Utah this evening so we will go to two national parks tomorrow and Wednesday before heading back to Denver. To tell you how tired and bad we feel, I asked Ray where we were since I am completely lost. His answer was Cedar City, Iowa. I guess I'm not the only one tired and feeling bad. Bed will be very early again tonight, as a matter of fact we have been getting to bed no later than 9:30 pm (local time) every night. We are really feeling old. LOL

I have a report on my class with David Taylor, but since I can't find the cord to get the pictures off of my camera that will have to wait a bit.

This is what we found when we entered our room this afternoon. Ray planned a surprise for our anniversary. How nice.

Later, Diane

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Linda G said...

The surprise was lovely. And Diane you are sooooo funny. You are now in beautiful high desert country, not the cool, beautiful mountains.