Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Do you feel the need?

medium floral, geometric and tone on tone

tiny bitty floral

more tiny bitty
larger calico
either this is old or made to look old...not sure which

Is there anyone who feels the need to own these fabrics? There are 36 pieces ranging in sizes from FQ to one yard. All of these fabrics were given to me when I was in Houston. I didn't even look in the bag, just put it in my trunk. When I got home I put the bag in the laundry room without looking at them. Today I decided to look at them before throwing them in the washer and did a double take. For a fact, I will never use these fabrics.
I will be happy to send them to you if you want them, if not I will donate them to Goodwill. If you want them, let me know and we can work out something for the postage.



QuilterLaura said...

Ohh, i think they are lovely! You don't want them? holy cow!

carlasuewho said...

Yo howdy! I would LOVE to have this fabric! I definitely feel the need! I`m thinkin Dresden Plates, baybee!

Judi said...

my dh could use the small light color ones for the tops of the ironing boards he makes.

Percy The Black Cat said...


Erm, sorry, heh a little over excited.

DO I feel the need to own these, why yes, yes indeed I do. Do NEED to own them, no likely not.

I'd be happy to give the colorful square ones, and the black white one, and any purples a home.

I don't want to claim them all as the two ladies above me were interested...postage is no issue

email me at frothie51 (at) gmail (dot) com

501 Quilt Blocks said...

I'd love to have any of these fabrics. Postage not a problem. Thanks for your consideration.