Monday, October 4, 2010

Messy Me

 I tend to make pretty big messes when I piece.
 When I do a quick change on projects like I did today I make HUGE messes.
 This is the result of my change in plans. Don't think I am a speed piecer, I had 75% of this already pieced. It was a top I had made for a donation quilt and was never quite happy with it. Today I pulled it out and remembered how my Aunt told me she loved bright colors. I decided if I made it bigger she could actually use it. As it got bigger I realized that is what it needed. I guess it wasn't happy being small.
This is what I chose for the backing. I don't love this fabric, but I have it and it fits so I am using it. Otherwise I would have to go shopping and hope to find a fabric that I wouldn't have to pay $10 a yard for. Nope, the more I think about it I LOVE this fabric!

I got another call from my sister and she told me Aunt Faye's kidneys are shutting down. Sure makes me think twice before complaining about my ailments.


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Tamera said...

Sometimes a quilt just talks to you and tells you what it wants.