Wednesday, October 13, 2010

We have a couple of new family members

2.1 pounds of bouncing fun

2 pounds of sweetness

As you might have guessed there hasn't been any sewing going on around here. I have barely had time to comb my hair! :^)
It is just like when we brought our babies home from the hospital. The whole day is devoted to their needs and trying to get a routine.

Aren't they precious...all three

We haven't come up with any names yet so they are still being called "sweetie" and "puppy" and "baby". How long can they go un-named? How long before they think "Sweetie" and "Baby" are their names? 

I am feeling better now that I am getting used to my new medicines. I'm not having as many side affects and that is wonderful! Hopefully in a few days I will get  into a routine where I will have some sewing time.

Mama Diane


CarlaSue said...

Oh, how sweet! Glad you`re feeling better, I`m sure your new babies had a hand in that.

Anonymous said...

The good news is... you can take as long as you want to name them! Dogs live in the moment.

Beautiful pups.

Anonymous said...

And what's wrong with the names "sweetie" and "baby"??? And whatever possessed you to get pets?
Linda G