Saturday, December 18, 2010

Do I?

Judy Laquidara over at Patchwork Times is doing a UFO challenge next year. Everyone knows I have a ton of UFOs. I want to finish the UFOs, at least most of them. My only problem is, I have commitment issues. Well besides my 29 year marriage and my friendship with Linda that is about that same length of time I hate to commit myself. I KNOW myself. I always lose stuff, or forget things, or get sidetracked and lost. So I don't commit so no one really knows I'm a total ditz, except that I just told everyone.
Oh well.
The question remains.
I have more than enough to choose from. The best part about doing Judy's challenge is there is so little pressure. Judy's rules are easy to follow. There are no UFO police if I fall off the wagon. She won't plaster my picture on her blog for all to see if I quit.
Ok so I have just about convinced myself...then I realized I started this entry last night and got sidetracked with the dogs and went to bed with the computer still running. I had to wake up the computer this morning and read the entry to remember what I was typing about.
I may be setting myself up for failure.

I think I will!
What is the worst that could happen? I work on some UFOs but don't finish them. Big whoop!

I will choose the UFOs and post pictures later today if I can get my old decrepit camera to work again. I have so many to choose from this may take a while.



Anonymous said...

I think you should!!! And definitely post something every day, even if you don't post pictures. We'll support you here. In fact,maybe all of us should do the same thing. I think if we know what each other is working on we can give each other a little friendly nudge when it's needed. Anyway, let us know which project you decide.
Linda G

Anonymous said...

OH, Diane, your description of yourself made me laugh - 'cause that's exactly how I'd describe me! :)

I'm gonna try - we can hold each other up, eh?

:) Linda

PS I am the QUEEN of beginning projects and not finishing them ... but, I have found with my knitting that if I just keep on keeping on with one project, it does actually get done! Encouraging. :)