Monday, December 27, 2010

hopping, pretty, a camera and a challenge

Tomorrow the plans are to go quilt shop hopping.
My husband wants to go to a few gun shops and look at things I don't necessarily love to look at and in return I get to go to some new quilt shops I haven't visited before. I think that sounds like a fair trade off.
I'm sure he feels the same way about quilt shops that I feel about gun stores. Once you have seen one Glock you've pretty much seen them all. They are all black or OD green, they all hold bullets, and they all are not interesting to me. There, pretty much described it all!
I on the other hand am going to go to quilt shops that have fabric in every color and style. I will be able to fondle it and maybe even find a bargain.

Today I went to Ikea and did some research on a new cutting/ironing table. Right now I am using some tables that I had left over from my business. They are adjustable to cabinet height and they make cutting and ironing enjoyable. They server the purpose, but they are VERY ugly and they squeak. I guess I would be ugly and scarred up and squeak if I was loaded in the back of a truck and driven across the country, loaded with heavy fabric and had the process repeated umpteen times a year for several years. Oh that's right! I was, and I do! Scarred and squeak that is!  Anyway my sewing room is not very pretty, but it is functional. I would like pretty too. I had a picture to show of the cabinet I am thinking about but Blogger is being contrary.
For Christmas I received a camera. Perfect timing, since my 14 year old Sony is just barely limping along. Ray bought me a pink Canon PowerShot and I love it so far! I hope to learn more so I can take better pictures. I will post a picture tomorrow since I can't tonight.

Today in the mail I received a package I have been nervously looking for. I joined in a group challenge with some ladies I have never met. I am going to make a quilt that resembles a portion of a picture. The picture was cut into 16 pieces and I got piece 14. I have never done such a thing before so I am nervous, but I know ladies who did this and they had so much fun I wished I had joined in. Now is my chance.

I'm not very intelligent when it comes to vegetables so I'm assuming this is some type of potato. It doesn't really matter, I am suppose to make a quilt that looks like the picture. Hmmm, interesting.

Have to get in bed, Ray is driving tomorrow and he likes to leave early.


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Anonymous said...

I'm with you as far as veggies go...but could they be turnips? Can't wait to see your part; how long do you have to do it? and what site is it that we might take a look and get it on all the gossip about the project?
Linda G